Exclusive Sneak Peek: The music of Sororal “Escaping Sosa”

19 Jan

Here is an exclusive sneak peek at a track for the upcoming giallo infused thriller Sororal.  The track is entitled “Escaping Sosa” and appears over a particularly pulse pounding moment in the film in which our hero Cassie is attacked by someone thought to be her friend.

This track is probably the best indication of the world we have constructed for Sororal.  It is brimming with energy and imagination and even without the accompanying imagery it sends your mind racing.  I’m also excited to say that it isn’t even the wildest track in the film.

Director Sam Barrett

 “Escaping Sosa” is my attempt at writing the ultimate villain theme. Not only is it terrifying it’s uptempo and exciting as well. The excitement is built around a slightly distorted synth sequence in 7/8. The music builds, with the inclusion of the two interlocking drum kits to a climax and concludes with a sweeping synth filter that puts the audience further on edge. Escaping Sosa is a favorite cue of mine, it always leaves me wanting more.

Composer Christopher de Groot

The mind-blowing score for Sororal is currently in the recording phase.  There will be more exclusive sneak peeks of the music so check back regularly.

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