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Nakatomi+Brains?=this post

9 Aug

Ruslan Kulski runs Brains?, which features news about filmmaking in the world’s most isolated city, Perth.  The delightful Mr Kulski took time out on a Saturday to meet with us and grill us about our sophomore feature ‘Esoterica’.  This week the site will feature several of our pithy responses on a range of topics.  Below is the first video in the series where we were asked a seemingly simple question; “What is Esoterica?”. Check out the site and don’t forget to subscribe!

“Sam Barrett’s low budget feature breaks all the rules”

14 Feb

No Through RoadWestern Australia’s Film & Television Institute published an interview with Sam Barrett. “Director Sam Barrett’s first feature ‘No Through Road’ is a low budget horror thriller that has no shortage of special effects. This tale of home invasion proudly aims at a mainstream audience and accurately hits the target.” Click here for the full article.