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‘No Through Road’ to make TV debut!

30 Apr

Nakatomi’s universal tale of hope in the suburbs will be playing on New Zealand pay TV channel ‘Rialto’ on the 21st of June this year.  Tell all of your Kiwi associates to set their alarm clocks (or recording devices) to 12:25am.  You may think we are dismayed at the late time slot, however we are delighted as this qualifies our little film as a ‘Midnight Movie’.  Move over Pink Flamingos and El Topo, the ‘screwdriver film’ is here!

Excerpt from Rialto’s website:

“During the past ten years the channel has grown from a niche arthouse film channel to New Zealand’s premiere independent specialist film, documentary and entertainment channel.  Rialto Channel viewers are given a wider choice of diverse and engaging programming that is often not available anywhere else on New Zealand television”.


15 Sep

Closer to home this time, NO THROUGH ROAD has been accepted into the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Running from the 9th to 19th of October. With more than a slight fondness for guerrilla film-making, each year they give awards for ‘Most Gratuitous use of Sex’ and ‘Most Gratuitous use of Violence’ (lets hope we win the latter), as well as all the old favorites.

Head to for more info.

NTR @ Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival

12 Sep

Michigan is the next stop for NO THROUGH ROAD – the ultra cool Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival has selected NTR for its 2008 lineup. Running from the 23rd to the 26th of October, Michigan’s finest festival has NTR screening alongside classics like Night of the Living Dead, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Monsters Inc. (yes, Monsters Inc. is a classic, if you disagree you’re dead inside) and The Shining!

Check out for more info.

NTR @ Raindance

4 Sep

NO THROUGH ROAD’s UK premiere will be at The 16th Raindance Film Festival held in London from the 1st to the 12th of October. With names like Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Mathew Vaughn, Christopher Nolan and Paul Greengrass having attended over the years (click here to see what some of them had to say), Raindance is widely renowned as the UK’s biggest independent film festival.

We are thrilled to be part of this year’s lineup and what’s more, NTR has been nominated for a jury prize in the ‘Debut Feature’ category.

Check out for more info.

Opening feature @ Spooky Movie 2008

3 Sep

We are very happy to report that Spooky Movie has chosen NO THROUGH ROAD as its opening night feature. Their website had this to say:

“SPOOKY MOVIE: 2008 – THE 3RD ANNUAL WASHINGTON, D.C. INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL is thrilled to announce the Washington, D.C. premiere of the new award winning Australian film NO THROUGH ROAD as our opening night feature on Thursday, October 16 at 8:00 p.m.

Winner of the 2008 WA Screen Awards for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing, and Best Sound., NO THROUGH ROAD is a modern indie masterpiece – one of the most gripping tales of terror you will see this year!”

Check out for more info.


27 Feb

WA Screen AwardsDue to the recent WASA nominations, the Film and Television Institute of WA will be screening No Through Road within their “WASA Wednesdays” showcase which is part of the Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival programme. If you missed the first screening in December, show us some love and keep next Wednesday evening free. This may be the last opportunity for some time to see No Through Road. If you have already seen the film, spread the word and bring your posse along when you watch it for the second time next week. Another big reason to be there is to vote for our film in the People’s Choice Award… so bring as many people as you can!

WHEN: 8.30pm Wednesday 27th February 2008
WHERE: Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival’s Bohemia Outdoor Cinema in Princess May Park – 92 Adelaide St, Fremantle
HOW MUCH: Entry by gold coin donation

For more information on the WA Screen Awards and WASA Wednesdays, check out the WA Screen Awards site.

No Through Road premiere screening

20 Dec

No Through RoadThe premiere of No Through Road was held at the prestigious Astor Cinema, on Beaufort St in the centre of Perth. It received a very positive response from all attendees, from various age ranges. No-one has mentioned any of the more outwardly violent scenes in a negative way at all – i.e. the characters and story justified the action in the film. The audience atmosphere was electric; all the gasps, laughs and cheers happened in all the right places. Many people were eager to find out when they could see it again / get a copy and see it again / show it to others. The after-party was a buzz with people discussing the film and enjoying the opportunity to discuss it with the cast and crew. The Film & Television Institute also published this article.