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Sororal in Filmink

5 Oct

Sororal has hit the popular Australian film magazine Filmink.  A mention from our most respected source of film and cinema news is certainly a real buzz.  Thanks guys!  Click the image to take the leap.



Sororal on Twitch!

15 May

Check out the new Teaser art for our upcoming horror thriller Sororal.  Many thanks goes out to Hugo at Twitchfilm.  Click the logo below:


Help bring Lazenby home

11 Mar
With principal photography already underway for our third feature film “Sororal”, Nakatomi Pictures is revealing an exciting development. The second 007 in the James Bond series George Lazenby has agreed to play the role of “Father Sampson”. This is an unprecedented coup for Nakatomi and an outcome that was entirely unexpected and therefore not budgeted for.
So Nakatomi is looking for your support to bring Mr Lazenby from the US to Perth to shoot his scenes.
We need around $70,000 to complete the film with Mr Lazenby and there are a number of ways you can get involved in making this possible.
If you would like to help us do this, please contact us directly to discuss how we can make it happen.
Help us bring the only Australian James Bond back home and onto our set!
Email us at or better still, have a chat with us on 0418 119 054.