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Sororal has begun

7 Feb

Today marked the first day of principal photography on Nakatomi Pictures third feature Sororal.  Over the next six weeks an increasingly pale looking cast and crew will travel all around Perth, at very unsociable hours, in order to bring the latest Nakatomi thriller to the world.  The film is a strange, ‘giallo’ inspired nightmare that follows a tormented and troubled young artist named Cassie, who is plagued by visions of murder and mayhem.  Her world is turned upside down when she discovers that her hallucinations are in fact real murders with real victims.  To say any more would only spoil the fun.  Sororal is projected for completion by the end of 2011 and is sure to be the most audacious work yet from Nakatomi Pictures.  Pictures and video of the action packed shoot are on their way.

Nakatomi+Brains?=this post

9 Aug

Ruslan Kulski runs Brains?, which features news about filmmaking in the world’s most isolated city, Perth.  The delightful Mr Kulski took time out on a Saturday to meet with us and grill us about our sophomore feature ‘Esoterica’.  This week the site will feature several of our pithy responses on a range of topics.  Below is the first video in the series where we were asked a seemingly simple question; “What is Esoterica?”. Check out the site and don’t forget to subscribe!

‘No Through Road’ to make TV debut!

30 Apr

Nakatomi’s universal tale of hope in the suburbs will be playing on New Zealand pay TV channel ‘Rialto’ on the 21st of June this year.  Tell all of your Kiwi associates to set their alarm clocks (or recording devices) to 12:25am.  You may think we are dismayed at the late time slot, however we are delighted as this qualifies our little film as a ‘Midnight Movie’.  Move over Pink Flamingos and El Topo, the ‘screwdriver film’ is here!


Excerpt from Rialto’s website:

“During the past ten years the channel has grown from a niche arthouse film channel to New Zealand’s premiere independent specialist film, documentary and entertainment channel.  Rialto Channel viewers are given a wider choice of diverse and engaging programming that is often not available anywhere else on New Zealand television”.

‘No Through Road’ bootlegged in Bali!

24 Apr

NTR Bali Bootleg!

Nakatomi’s violent feature ‘No Through Road’ has made its Bali bootleg debut.  The copy was found by none other than MUFF award winner and star Megan Palinkas as she was holidaying earlier this year.  The DVD was selling for the rather competitive price of $1 along side Hollywood blockbusters.  The cluttered cover features such welcome absurdities as “Festival De Cannes – Best Director” and the claim of “The Best Picture Sound and Interactivity”…whatever that means.  The credits on the back feature a range of big names and I’m not referring to their profile or talent…I simply mean BIG names;  Original Music, John Van Tongeren for example.  We the filmmakers are delighted at the thought of Bali holiday makers returning with their stack of bootleg DVDs and maybe giving NTR a spin.  If anyone has any other strange NTR sightings then let us know and we’ll publish them.

-Sam Barrett

Best Director, Festival De Cannes