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Nakatomi Profile: Eddie Stowers, Actor

26 Jul

Nakatomi Profile is a section featuring interviews with collaborators and artists we have worked with.

Who are you? What is your background?

Eddie Stowers,a NZ born Samoan, a Perth resident for 25 years. I arrived here with $300 and a BA (Social Anthropology) from Auckland Uni, a really useful qualification at the time – NOT. I’ve been a film and theatre actor for about 15 years and would do it full time but we have four sons that have a habit of eating every day. Thus I act when I can and otherwise, have a corporate training and development business. In many ways it’s  performing for an audience too, so I’m fortunate.

What attracted you to Esoterica?

I have worked with the NAKATOMI team before, and after working on innumerable short films and a few features, I have found them to be by far the most professional and talented young film makers around. They are fresh yet experienced, friendly but task orientated and they have a well deserved reputation for having efficient, good karma shoots. When it’s 2 am and you’re freezing, hungry, and  covered in sticky fake blood, a great cast and crew helps me be a better actor. Good film makers create an environment where cast and crew can excel and deploy their talent effectively, and I knew ESOTERICA would be that type of shoot.

Ivan, Sam and Dave  are also very business savy, establishing the NAKATOMI brand on a solid foundation of well considered, well executed product. It is only a matter of time before a major player picks them up , and that will be an exciting time for us all.

Tell us about the role you played?

‘Chainsaw’ is a cold blooded killer, who is thorough, business-like but not overly professional i.e. he can bring in good old fashioned spite into a situation. He works with an off sider, who will only ever be an associate rather than a mate, which sums up his persona.  When Sam offered me the part, I accepted immediately, I liked the character. When Peter Mayhew was offered the choice of playing either Chewbacha or Darth Vader, he choose Vader because “everybody remembers the bad guy”. I concur, plus being nasty is often more fun.

Do you have a process?

Because there is so much wank attached to acting,I like to keep things simple and that works for me. So, the one and only question I always ask is “What is my character’s relationship to the other character? ” and behave accordingly. That’s it.  It’s like weighing up a new acqaintance – ask yourself ” Would I want this person to marry into my family?” In a heartbeat, that’ll sort out if they’re a dud or not .

What was the shooting like?

Night shoots are always tough because it’s cold, not much goes to schedule and  you’re tired.  I enjoy all shooting though because I would sincerely love to act for a living and I know that it’s part of the job,so it’s a matter of getting on with it. It’s also why I detest prima donnas. I relish the banter, comaraderie and fun on a good karma,professionally run set and NAKATOMI always look after their people, before, during and after the shoot and that helps smooth out any bumps.

What have you done since the shooting of ‘Esoterica’?

I played OTHELLO, my first lead Shakespearean role, at the 300 seat amphitheatre in Ellenbrook in November 2009. It was genuinely exciting and bloody scary because it’s such a great, famous role. Nothing beats live theatre for an audience response. I also did a play at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April 2009, huge fun, great audiences and the genuine buzz you get from a major event.  I’ve also done a few bits and pieces of filming, including CRUSH, where I played the lead’s (Chris Egan) sports coach.

Give us your top ten film performances and why

There are a gizillion great performances but one that stands out for me recently is Eddie Murphy’s decline into drug addled paranoia in DREAM GIRLS. The scene where he starts to prep his drug paraphenalia openly during a lavish party is particularly telling – his friends frantically try to dissuade him but Murphy says nothing, tilts his head at them and gives them ‘the look’ – the look that says “Forget it. I’ve had  it, I am spent, it’s all over, this is me…”. It’s the summation of despair and hopelessness and all without a word. And hey, the man can sing too!

Eddie Murphy – DREAM GIRLS