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“Sam Barrett’s low budget feature breaks all the rules”

14 Feb

No Through RoadWestern Australia’s Film & Television Institute published an interview with Sam Barrett. “Director Sam Barrett’s first feature ‘No Through Road’ is a low budget horror thriller that has no shortage of special effects. This tale of home invasion proudly aims at a mainstream audience and accurately hits the target.” Click here for the full article.

No Through Road premiere screening

20 Dec

No Through RoadThe premiere of No Through Road was held at the prestigious Astor Cinema, on Beaufort St in the centre of Perth. It received a very positive response from all attendees, from various age ranges. No-one has mentioned any of the more outwardly violent scenes in a negative way at all – i.e. the characters and story justified the action in the film. The audience atmosphere was electric; all the gasps, laughs and cheers happened in all the right places. Many people were eager to find out when they could see it again / get a copy and see it again / show it to others. The after-party was a buzz with people discussing the film and enjoying the opportunity to discuss it with the cast and crew. The Film & Television Institute also published this article.