Sororal key artwork is coming soon!

24 Oct

Here is a little sneak preview of the key artwork for Sororal, Australia’s first and only giallo thriller!  The artwork is being designed and created by talented horror specialist Matt O’neil.  Matt heads an exciting design company called It’s Only a T-Shirt, an outfit that focuses on designing striking artwork that any horror fan would be proud to wear across their chest as they strut down the High Street.  As horror fans, it is our duty to terrify small children and conservative soccer mums with our attire and Matt is more than happy to aid the cause.  Matt has already won respect amongst rabid horror fans with his awesome designs for Greg Mclean’s Wolf Creek and Richard Franklin’s Ozploitation masterpiece Patrick.  It’s only a matter of time before Sororal’s key art is unleashed in full so stay tuned.  In the meantime, pop on over to Matt’s website and grab one of these bad boys while you can.

Sororal in Filmink

5 Oct

Sororal has hit the popular Australian film magazine Filmink.  A mention from our most respected source of film and cinema news is certainly a real buzz.  Thanks guys!  Click the image to take the leap.


“Visions” is Sororal’s NEW teaser

25 Sep

Here is the latest teaser for Nakatomi Pictures’ neo-giallo thriller Sororal.  This clip is both an introduction to Cassie and her horrible curse.  If you like what you see then please show your support on the Sororal Facebook page.  Click the image to check it out via our good friends at Twitch.

Sororal Teaser hits Youtube!

9 Jul

Here it is! The first vision from upcoming giallo thriller Sororal.  True, we don’t give much away in this one but we hope it gives you a little tingle up your spine.  We hope you enjoy “Confessions”.  Don’t forget to spread the word.  Sororal is coming.


Sororal on Twitch!

15 May

Check out the new Teaser art for our upcoming horror thriller Sororal.  Many thanks goes out to Hugo at Twitchfilm.  Click the logo below:


Esoterica reviewed by Scary Minds

30 Jan

Those twisted guys at Scary Minds have given the almighty thumbs up to Esoterica, awarding the film an 8/10 rating.  The comprehensive and thoughtful analysis ends by proclaiming that Esoterica is the sort of movie that reminds us what cinema is all about”.

Their reviews are insightful and always entertaining.  Check out the full review here and be sure to have a look at the many other reviews on their site.  The Aussie section is a real standout.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: The music of Sororal “Escaping Sosa”

19 Jan

Here is an exclusive sneak peek at a track for the upcoming giallo infused thriller Sororal.  The track is entitled “Escaping Sosa” and appears over a particularly pulse pounding moment in the film in which our hero Cassie is attacked by someone thought to be her friend.

This track is probably the best indication of the world we have constructed for Sororal.  It is brimming with energy and imagination and even without the accompanying imagery it sends your mind racing.  I’m also excited to say that it isn’t even the wildest track in the film.

Director Sam Barrett

 “Escaping Sosa” is my attempt at writing the ultimate villain theme. Not only is it terrifying it’s uptempo and exciting as well. The excitement is built around a slightly distorted synth sequence in 7/8. The music builds, with the inclusion of the two interlocking drum kits to a climax and concludes with a sweeping synth filter that puts the audience further on edge. Escaping Sosa is a favorite cue of mine, it always leaves me wanting more.

Composer Christopher de Groot

The mind-blowing score for Sororal is currently in the recording phase.  There will be more exclusive sneak peeks of the music so check back regularly.

Esoterica released on DVD January 19th!

6 Jan

An endless night.
A seedy photographer.
A slighted hooker.
A kidnapped child.
A desperate search.
A race against time.
A mystery like no other.

Nakatomi Pictures’ neo-noir thriller Esoterica is available on DVD as of January 19th.

Support the film by buying or renting a copy today.  Esoterica is available from many on-line sellers including Ezydvd, Fishpond and JB-HiFi.

Annette Basile of Filmink describes the film as “a triumph of imagination over minimal budget. What these West Australian filmmakers lacked in cold hard cash they made up for in cool creative flair. On this level alone, the upcoming Esoterica impresses. But it has the other stuff that matters too – a good script, great performances and an actual plot”.

Help bring Lazenby home

11 Mar
With principal photography already underway for our third feature film “Sororal”, Nakatomi Pictures is revealing an exciting development. The second 007 in the James Bond series George Lazenby has agreed to play the role of “Father Sampson”. This is an unprecedented coup for Nakatomi and an outcome that was entirely unexpected and therefore not budgeted for.
So Nakatomi is looking for your support to bring Mr Lazenby from the US to Perth to shoot his scenes.
We need around $70,000 to complete the film with Mr Lazenby and there are a number of ways you can get involved in making this possible.
If you would like to help us do this, please contact us directly to discuss how we can make it happen.
Help us bring the only Australian James Bond back home and onto our set!
Email us at or better still, have a chat with us on 0418 119 054.

Sororal has begun

7 Feb

Today marked the first day of principal photography on Nakatomi Pictures third feature Sororal.  Over the next six weeks an increasingly pale looking cast and crew will travel all around Perth, at very unsociable hours, in order to bring the latest Nakatomi thriller to the world.  The film is a strange, ‘giallo’ inspired nightmare that follows a tormented and troubled young artist named Cassie, who is plagued by visions of murder and mayhem.  Her world is turned upside down when she discovers that her hallucinations are in fact real murders with real victims.  To say any more would only spoil the fun.  Sororal is projected for completion by the end of 2011 and is sure to be the most audacious work yet from Nakatomi Pictures.  Pictures and video of the action packed shoot are on their way.